Imaginary Forces, Shift Work
Released by Bedouin Records
Format: 12″

Available from:
Honest Jon’s

01 Council Flat
02 Shift Work
03 Council Flat (Roly Porter Version)




Imaginary Forces – Bedouin Mix




Imaginary Forces, Low Key Movements
Released by Entr’acte
Format: CD

Available from:

01 Inna
02 A Bedroom In Woodford Green
03 East Man
04 Armshouse
05 Young Head
06 Wage Packet
07 Pevensey Road
08 Skatta
09 Ordell Road




Imaginary Forces – WAR002




I have been invited to give a presentation of my work for VEMS at the EMS studio
in Stockholm on the 5th of October 2014 




Imaginary Forces, Corner Crew EP
Released by Sleep Codes
Format: 12″
Artwork by Adrian Teodor

Available from:
Sleep Codes

01 Corner Crew (Frozen Version)
02 Whiteboys
03 Continual Dub
04 We’ve Gone Too Far




Imaginary Forces – Institut fuer Zukunft Mix 




Imaginary Forces – Entr’acte Mix




Imaginary Forces – Abattoir Mix




Radio Live Transmission: 22 Years of Pirate Broadcasts with Rude FM





Psychedelic Entropy: An Interview & Mix by Imaginary Forces for The Quietus




Imaginary Forces, Begotten
Released by Fang Bomb
Format: Cassette
Artwork by Petter Ottosson

Available from:
Fang Bomb




Radius is an experimental radio broadcast platform based in Chicago, IL, USA
Episode #18 Imaginary Forces – CT Room




Vacu Sessions
‘A continuous exploration of sound’
Vacu Session 22 - Imaginary Forces